REDWHITE brings your ideas to life by providing you the highest quality 3d visuals.

What we do?

Specialising in the production of photorealistic architectural renderings, animation and visualisation, REDWHITE CGI is among the top UK 3D imaging companies.

Architectural Visualisation

The hard work involved in marketing architecture and interior design off plan can be dramatically reduced by the use of rendering. With photorealistic imaging, whatever you can imagine, we can produce. Working closely with our partners, REDWHITE CGI creates 3D images so lifelike that your clients will imagine themselves already there, taking the pressure off your sales and advertising team. The beauty of working online with our clients means that although we are based in Bournemouth, we can work simultaneously with clients across the UK and worldwide.

Product Visualisation

The vast expenses involved in producing prototype models or photographing individual items – whether large or small – can be prohibitive, which is where 3D visualisation comes in. Converting sketches into realistic, scaled images not only saves money and time, but allows for tweaks and changes to the design. Product photography is limited by space and without specialist equipment, is limited to 2D. REDWHITE CGI’s 3D visualisation allows a 360 degree view for internet use, and allows items that would be difficult or undesirable to transport to a studio to be easily represented in high definition images.